Seattle Glassblowing Studio

Puck Cup - Rainbow Collection

  • $45.00
Goal Light Red
Cheddar Bomb Orange
Sweater Yellow
Lip Lettuce Green
Goon Green
Hat Trick Teal
Crease Cobalt
Playoff Purple

Inspired by the return of hockey to Seattle, the Puck Cups add a pop of color to any space. Collect one of each or a complete set of one color.

It's the final moments of the game, your man has out skated the defense and is staring down the goalie knowing he is the only one left to stop the game winning goal. He's got this, you've got this. Take a breath, and a sip from this handblown glass. You're seconds away from your famous victory dance.

Each cup is handmade and vary slightly. Measure 3" diameter and between 3.25-4" high.