Glass Studio
Group Tours

Entertain your friends or colleagues with glass studio group tours! Discover the ins and outs of our Downtown Seattle glass studio while learning about the process of glassblowing.


Group Size: 5-50 people
Length: 1 hour
Reservations: By appointment
Hours: Everyday between 9am and 10pm
Price: $75 for 5-25, $150 for 26-50

Our 1-Hour Glass Studio Group Tour includes watching a live demonstration by our professional team of glassblowers, an inside look at a glass color and supply shop, and a tour of the glass art gallery. A knowledgeable tour guide will explain the glassblowing process and answer all your questions.

Reservations for glass studio group tours can be made in person or by calling the studio at (206) 448-2181. Tentative holds may be placed via the form below.

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