Awards & Corporate Gifts

Celebrate achievements and recognize staff or guests with hand-crafted glass art awards. Traditional, colorful, and unique options available.


Elegant accents of glass art lighting add style to any space. Whether for a single fixture or an entire home, glass lighting is suitable for wall and ceiling projects.

Flora Installations

A sculptural series that adds year round color to both outdoor and indoor environments. Spears, bulbs, flowers, and mushrooms can be grouped in colorful installations.


A hint of the sea, translucent glass plays with the rich blue green of ocean waves.


Hand-sculpted shells designed to reflect the dynamic array of colors in the natural world.


The liveliness and playful movement of whales are captured in glass with our series of hand-sculpted marine life.

River Rocks

These sculpted glass rocks utilize an array of colors and dichroic glass. No two of our glass river rocks are exactly alike just as it is in nature.

Event Centerpieces

Use glass centerpieces to raise additional funds during your event. Choose from Studio-made pieces or design something special just for your event.

Glass Rental

Studio-made glass art is available as short term rental for fundraisers or other events.


A hint of realism in brings these glass fruits to life.


Color and silver work together to create rich layered scene.

Optic Twist

Colors overlap and twist to create an intricate optical pattern.


A bright and rich series that conjures the idea of hyper-color seascapes with the mosaic patterns of murrini, dichroic glass and cane.

Hand-crafted Glass Art

Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in producing glass art, including hand-blown and hand-sculpted large-scale installations, corporate gifts and decorative glass artworks. SGS also creates functional glass art pieces like sinks, lighting and more!

Collectors, designers, architects, institutions and private individuals often commission artwork to suit their unique requirements. We work directly with clients to transform and develop conceptual design ideas into functional glass forms. Our professional artists manage the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all custom projects to ensure seamless communication through every step of the process.

SGS has collaborated with a variety of professional design firms to create permanent custom glass art installations, including those featured at: Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Anaheim, CA), M Resort (Las Vegas, NV), Western Commerce Group (Fort Worth, TX), The Marriott (Seattle, WA), and the Pan Pacific (Seattle, WA). We also have an extensive portfolio of private residential installations.

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