Red Traditional


Handcrafted by Brian Barber.

"My work draws from the oral traditions of the Pawnee Nation. Using Pawnee folktales as inspiration, I translate elements of these stories into three dimensional forms in glass as an effort to help keep the stories and cultural traditions alive.

Born in Flint, Michigan, his mother instilled in him an undying pride for his native heritage. Barber's first introduction to glass was while living in Germany as a kid. It wasn't until college that he was able to pursue glass full time. Upon graduation, he promptly moved to Penland, North Carolina to further his study of glass. In 2001, he moved to Seattle and worked at Manifesto glass until it's closing in 2009. In 2010, Barber when back to school for his MFA and also a master's in architecture. Barber currently lives and works in Seattle as an architectural designer and artist."

Piece measures approximately 7.5" in height, and 10" in diameter.