Seattle Glassblowing Studio was founded in 1991, by Cliff Goodman in the tradition of the studio glass movement. After beginning his career in glass in 1976, Cliff studied alongside glass master, Fritz Driesbach, and attended the famous Pilchuck School. Currently, his artwork is featured in collections around the world.

At Seattle Glassblowing Studio, it is our mission to provide an unforgettable glassblowing experience to all our visitors and deliver world class training to the next generation of glass artists.


Seattle Glassblowing Studio conducts its business in a socially responsible manner to benefit the customer, employee, and community.


We provide a personalized and friendly atmosphere that is creative, safe, clean, and fun.


Responsive to the needs of our customers, we are always improving our products, service, and work environment.


The Studio is an exciting and creative place to work, learn, and explore both individually and as a team.


We give to our community through donations of glass to local nonprofits and offerings of educational opportunities to young artists who can participate in and learn about the world of glass art.


We operate in an economically sustainable manner and seek out products and business practices which protect the ecosystem.



Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in the production of unique hand-blown and hand-sculpted glass art. We create all of our own work in our on-site Hot Shop including our studio series and custom artworks. The gallery displays a wide selection of unique pieces, from small gifts to large installations.


Collectors, designers, architects, institutions and private individuals often wish to commission artwork to suit their own unique requirements. Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in the creation of custom glass work, including large scale installations, corporate gifts, decorative glass artworks, and functional glass pieces such as sinks, lighting and more! We work directly with our clients to transform and develop their conceptual design ideas into functional, well-designed glass forms. Our professional team of artists manage the design, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all our custom projects to ensure seamless communication through every step of the process.

In recent years, we have collaborated with a variety of professional design firms to create permanent installations, including those featured at: Ruth Chris Steakhouse (Anaheim, CA), M Resort (Las Vegas, NV), Western Commerce Group (Fort Worth, TX), the Marriott (Seattle, WA) and the Pan Pacific (Seattle, WA). We also have an extensive portfolio of private residential installations.


Transforming the ordinary into the extraordinary, our sinks and lighting radiate luxury and style while adding value and beauty to your home. Glass art sinks are hand-blown by the professional glassblowing team at Seattle Glassblowing Studio our designs are created with great care and attention to detail, enhancing both traditional and modern decor. Our sinks are featured in fine homes around the world and in well-known restaurants throughout the country, including Seattle’s very own Anthony’s on Pier 66.

In addition to glass art sinks, we also offer a variety of custom lighting options including: pendants, wall sconces, chandeliers, and custom installations. Lighting is available to match or accent our sinks. Custom designs are available.


Our state of the art Hot Shop is the epicenter of the Studio. It is a place where our team of professional glassblowers collaborate and create unique and innovative glass artworks. Our Hot Shop is also where individuals, families and groups can come to learn the art of glassblowing from our fantastic and knowledgeable instructors. In 2010, in an effort to further reduce our company’s impact on the environment, all of our equipment was upgraded to fuel and energy efficient systems, earning us a grant from the City of Seattle. Viewers can enjoy live glassblowing demonstrations in our Hot Shop 7 days a week.

The Hot Shop is available for experienced glassblowers to rent 7 days a week for $55 per hour.


Seattle Glassblowing Studio specializes in teaching the art of glassblowing, offering a variety of class options for any experience level. All of our beginner classes are designed for students who have little or no glassblowing experience. Students will receive instruction from our team of talented and experienced glassblowing artists to create glass art that is theirs to keep! Hot Shop safety, etiquette and proper form are all stressed throughout each lesson.


Our unique 8,000 square foot studio space offers a welcoming environment for any party or celebration. Available year round, we offer private tours, hands-on teambuilding events, birthday parties and Hot Shop parties. Equipped with a fully integrated sound system, large disco ball, and custom studio lighting, our studio is the ideal place to give your guests an experience they will remember for a lifetime.